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Organic Black Chia Seeds

Tiny they may be, but chia seeds have a large array of uses and a boatload of health benefits. Their inconspicuous, nutty flavor allows happy blending with both sweet and savory dishes. When dry, the seeds add crunch as toppings for salads, cereal, breads, muffins and other baked goods. When encouraged to sprout, the little green chias add texture to salads and sandwiches. When soaked briefly, the seeds acquire a pleasing gel-like consistency. Not surprisingly, many cooks turn chia seeds into fruit puddings or jams, without the need for pectin or lengthy cooking and stirring. Vegans particularly value chia, because the ground seeds, mixed with water, transmute into the perfect substitute for eggs in baking recipes.

People have been munching on chia seeds for millennia. One reason is portability: The anti-oxidizing effect of their fatty acids retards spoilage so the seeds keep for several years. Chia is the perfect travel food, even in the hot climate of their native Mexico and Central America. As far back as the Teotihuacan and Toltec eras, people also valued this foodstuff because of its nutrient density – and ability to enhance stamina. Later Mayan and Aztec warriors would munch a handful of chia seeds before going into battle. Chia even served as a sacrifice to pre-Columbian gods.

Modern research supports the pre-Columbian perception of chia as a superfood. Packed with healthy fats, gentle dietary fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, chia seeds can lower blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol, balance blood sugar levels and combat disease-inducing inflammation. They can also help with weight loss, since their expansion with moisture results in a quick sensation of satiety.

Our organic, black chia seeds are available in bulk, 25 lb and 55 lb sacks. We also sell the seeds in one and five pound bags for kitchens with less demand.


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