Peanut, Raw Skin On

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Raw Peanuts With Skins

For many of us who’ve been around long enough, peanuts with skins intact that we’d had to crack out of their shells were our first introduction to this classic American staple. (Along with peanut butter, of course.) But whether or not fond memories are a factor, there’s definitely something about them in this form – the skins adding their own specific note of flavor – that’s keeping them just as popular as they ever were!

They’re reportedly the best peanuts to use when making homemade peanut brittle and peanut hummus. And while all types of peanuts work beautifully in homemade trail mixes and granolas, raw peanuts with skins add their own unique angles of taste and texture. Tossing a few onto the top of a salad or into soup, especially Asian ones, can be delightful. And if you’re inclined toward bird-feeding…and often, by unavoidable association, squirrel-feeding…we have it on good authority that these are their favorite.

There are nutritional perks to eating them this way, as well: Aside from being high in dietary fiber, peanut skins contain phenolic compounds, which makes them high in antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals in our bodies, which are the waste substances produced by our cells as our bodies process food and react to the environment. They are also rich in resveratrol, which helps protect against heart disease, reduces inflammation in the body and increases physical endurance.

Raw peanuts are also a great dietary source of minerals! Going by the DRI (Dietary Reference Intake), each cup of them offers: 22 percent of the DRI for potassium, 10 percent for calcium, 43 percent for zinc, 44 percent for phosphorous, and a whopping 58 percent for magnesium. All these minerals serve to support blood clotting, immune-system function, bone and tooth health and muscle contraction.

Ingredients: Peanuts
Allergens: Peanuts