Almond, Whole Roasted Salted

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Roasted Salted Almonds

Mount Hope carries well over a dozen different almond products. All of our nut mixes but one contain almonds. Why? Because you simply can’t go wrong with this magnificent nut. And these whole roasted salted almonds are perhaps the most snackable of all those varieties.

A tried and true crowd pleaser, this tree nut is a classic go-to for all meals of the day. Muesli and granola are enhanced with it’s easy crunch. Salads and vegetables sprinkled with toasted almonds are surefire hits. Chop them up and use them to add an elegant touch to your fish and poultry. Cakes, cookies, breads: the whole world of baked goods delights in this nut’s presence. This variation — whole, roasted and salted — makes a perfect addition to a charcuterie board, pairing perfectly with meats, cheese and dried fruit: the necessary crunch in that classic palate.

The nut’s popularity also stems from one of it’s best features: the nutritional benefits. High in protein and fiber, low in carbs and full of the good fats, almonds are a terrific source of calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin E, and magnesium. Other minerals, such as zinc, copper, niacin, and selenium also fill the nut. While most praise the nutritional value of nuts in general, almonds pack more of a punch than most.

Use these as a safe, delicious addition to all your dishes, from the most basic to the more complex. Or, simply grab a handful as a healthy on-the-go snack! Pair it with an apple for a sweet and savory combination and you’ll be satisfied for hours. Truly, there’s not much this nut can’t do!

Mount Hope Wholesale offers bulk pricing on whole roasted salted almonds even when you purchase the smaller 1 and 5 pound bags. Full cases are always available for those who really go through them.

Ingredients: Almonds, Canola and/or Safflower Oil, Salt
Allergens: Tree Nuts