Cashew, Pieces Roasted

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Roasted Cashew Pieces

Roasted cashew pieces are a full-flavor nut similar to our raw cashew pieces but with an enhanced sweet, buttery essence. They’ve grown increasingly popular over the decades and are a staple in many kitchens.

The heart-healthy cashew is a kidney or heart-shaped fruit grown from the cashew nut tree, which is an evergreen. While it is most often grown in India and Africa now, the cashew nut tree is native to Brazil. The fast-growing perennial loves tropical and jungle regions.

Cashews are poisonous in their raw, unpicked form as their shell contains two layers with anacardic acid resin in the middle. Anacardic acid is an oily substance that closely relates to the urushiol compound found in poison ivy, oak and sumac. Cashews sprout from the bottom of a pear-shaped fruit oddly named a cashew apple.  

Ripe cashew apples are collected after they fall to the ground. The nuts are dried for two days under the hot sun. They are then roasted and separated by hand or machine from their shells ridding them of toxicity. Our salt-free roasted cashew nuts are roasted a second time with oil.

Next to almonds and brazil nuts, cashews have a host of nutritional benefits and are high in magnesium. They contain many vitamins, cancer-fighting agents and healthy minerals including copper, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc.  

With bulk orders of Roasted cashew nuts on hand, you can create many savory and sweet dishes. They are great sprinkled on top of salads and soups or sautéed in rice pilaf adding a crunchy layer of interest to the meal. Top any flavor of ice cream with roasted cashews for a nutty summer treat.

With our wholesale 1 and 5 lb bags or 25 lb case, roasted cashew pieces will add flavor and excitement to all your favorite dishes.


Ingredients: Cashews, Oil (soybean, peanut, canola and/or cottonseed)
Allergens: Tree Nuts