Hazelnut, Diced Roasted

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Roasted Diced Hazelnut

The delicious aroma and taste of roasted diced hazelnuts make for an easy addition to all your favorite foods. These hazelnuts are diced to save you time and roasted to enhance the nut-filled flavor. Whether you eat a handful on its own or add one to your salad or cereal, you will find multiple ways to use this uniquely flavored nut. The roasted variety enhances the nutty, earthy taste of the hazelnut and the diced pieces are perfect for a variety of recipes.

Hazelnuts grow on hazelnut trees and are also known as filberts. Filbert means full beard and the husked shell of the hazelnut looks similar. Our roasted and diced hazelnuts are packed with protein to boost muscle and bone strength. Hazelnuts also contain high amounts of Vitamin E which can improve brain health and mental clarity. The folate in hazelnuts helps to rebuild and grow cells, while at the same time it enhances cardiovascular health. Hazelnuts are a simple way to improve the nutrient content of your favorite recipes. 

Roasted diced hazelnut recipes do not have to be complicated. You can take them directly out of the bulk bag and sprinkle them into a trail mix. Choose from a variety of our other nuts when making your trail mix such as honey roasted peanuts, roasted cashews, or our caramelized almonds. If you enjoy plain yogurt for a snack, add a handful of diced hazelnuts along with our cranberries to boost your energy. Or, sprinkle hazelnuts onto your salads to add crunch and flavor. For your baking needs, slide diced hazelnuts into your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes, or add them to your muffin mixes to provide texture. For special dinners, prepare hazelnut-encrusted chicken as a way to celebrate. 

Whether your hazelnut needs are large or small, our wholesale packaging works for you. Our roasted diced hazelnut quantities are available in 1-pound bags, 5-pound bags, or 25-pound cases. Select the amount you need, but add a little more for those unexpected uses such as cereal and salad toppings or grind them into hazelnut flour for one-of-a-kind cookie making.

Ingredients: Roasted Hazelnuts
Allergens: Tree Nuts