Peanut, Granulated Roasted

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Granulated Peanuts

Peanuts are a very popular American snack and a critical ingredient in many recipes and baked goods. Peanuts are not technically ‘nuts’, but they are almost alwas grouped in this category due to their similar nutritional profile. They don’t grow on a tree like walnuts and pecans, because they are actually a part of the legume family of plants. This group includes beans, peas and lentils. The best thing about peanuts is that they are so versatile and delicious. Granulated peanuts save you the trouble of chopping your own when you need peanut butter stock or dessert toppers.

Peanuts are a tasty, convenient protein source. Our dry-roasted granulated peanuts make a delicious addition to baked goods, sauces, butters, desserts and other recipes. Peanuts are also known for their healthy components including antioxidants, protein, magnesium, manganese and fiber. They are rich in good fats and fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Granulated peanuts are a fast and easy go to for coating caramel apples, dipped ice cream cones, adding some crunch to smooth peanut butter, adding flavor and beauty to your favorite dessert, baking into many recipes and even adding to savory dishes. Granulated peanuts can be added to stir-fried dishes and other Asian inspired cuisine for taste and crunch.

Our salted and unsalted fresh ground peanut butter both start with this product. If you’re interested in grinding your own nut butters, then granulated stock like this is definitely our recommendation. Most nut grinders can handle larger kernels, but the machinery needes to work harder to do so. Your equipment will last longer, and require less maintenance with a finer media in the hopper.

Ingredients: Peanuts
Allergens: Peanuts