Macadamia, Whole Raw

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Whole Raw Macadamia

Whole, raw macadamia nuts are available for you to eat raw, or to prepare them in a variety of ways. The buttery, sweet flavor is enhanced when the macadamia nuts are roasted. You can also add salt, pepper, or if you are in the mood for something sweet, mix a cinnamon and sugar coating for the nuts. Half or slice macadamia nuts to add a crunch to your blueberry muffins or to introduce a unique flavor to chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. Toss a handful of macadamia nuts into your granola cereal, trail-mix, or onto a salad for a crunchy, tasty treat. In addition, you can grind the nuts to mix into sauces or gravy for added flavor to your meat-based meals.


Macadamia nuts contain approximately 11 grams of protein per cup, so if you are searching for plant-based ways to add protein into your diet, whole, raw nuts are a healthy choice. Known by other names including Australian hazel and Baupel nut, the macadamian nut was named after an Australian chemist. In most cases, the shell of the nut is smooth, but when your purchase yours in bulk, you do not have to worry about the shelling the nuts before enjoying them.

Our wholesale, bulk options for whole, raw macadamia nuts include 1-pound bags, 5-pound bags, and 25-pound cases. Keep enough nuts on hand for when you want to add fresh flavors to your usual recipes, or create new treats by tossing a handful into cookie or cake batter. Selecting macadamia nuts in bulk means that you will not run out when you decide to add your recipes permanently to your existing menu or when the whim strikes and you want to cook something special. Whether you use them daily, or occasionally, whole, raw macadamia nuts will earn their place in your pantry.

Ingredients: Macadamia Nuts
Allergens: Tree Nuts