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Bamboo Rice

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Bamboo Rice

Bamboo rice is a short-grain white rice infused with pure, fresh bamboo juice, which gives it a rich green color that’s retained when cooked. The bamboo juice packs it full of chlorophyll, which has a myriad of health benefits such as detoxifying your blood, cleansing your intestines and stimulating your immune system.

When you cook this rice, it has a nice sticky consistency, making it a great choice for sushi or other recipes that call for some cling. Indian and Middle Eastern dishes are also great candidates. It has zero fat and is low in calories at only 160 calories per cup. While not packed with protein like nuts, bamboo rice still contains more protein than your average wheat or rice product, making it a nice supplement. It also contributes a decent amount of vitamin B6. It has a mild green tea flavor which nicely complements a wide variety of other flavor profiles. You can buy our bamboo rice in smaller 2 pound bags or in bulk with our 25 lb sacks!

Ingredients: Rice, bamboo extract