Volcano Rice – Organic

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Volcano Rice

Volcano rice is a unique treat for special and every day occassions. Organically grown in volcanic soils, this West Java rice is packed with minerals and antioxidants including zinc, magnesium, and manganese. The scent of volcano rice cooking will drive people to your kitchen in anticipation of this flavorful dish. The combinations of red and brown rice contain hints of vanilla and will be a requested side dish from all who enjoy it. Serve it as a side dish, as a main dish mixed with vegetables, or serve cold combined with beans for a picnic snack. Volcano rice can also be combined with dressings and spices such as basil to bring your own flavor creations to the table. Remember volcano rice for breakfast too as it compliments eggs very well or for an afternoon snack to hold you over until dinner.


Growing volcano rice in nutrient-rich soil improves the nutrient value of your rice-based meals. For example, zinc enhances immunity and may improve blood sugar levels. The magnesium may help improve blood pressure and anxiety. Low, in fats and sugars, volcano rice fits into many healthy eating programs. You will find a variety of ways to enjoy this rice on its own as a side dish for meat-based meals, or combined with other ingredients such as adding to the flavor of burritos or stir-fried meals. The options are numerous so use your imagination and create new menu options.

Volcano rice is available in bulk quantities of 1-pound bags or 11-pound cases. Our wholesale options deliver volcano rice directly to you so you can begin cooking with it right away. If you are seeking a new rice variation that is healthy, has flavor, and combines well with spices and other foods, volcano rice is the choice for you.



Ingredients: Organic Volcano Rice