Wehani Rice – Organic

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Wehani Rice

Wehani rice is a sweet-smelling rice that is related to basmati rice and was developed in the late 20th century in California. This rice is a reddish-brown color that loosely resembles cooked wild rice. When cooked, it splits laterally, and emits the scent of hot buttered peanuts or popcorn.

Wehani Rice maintains its nutritious bran layer during processing making it healthier than its standard white Basmati counterpart. While this rice is 100% whole grain, it is non-GMO, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free rice. It is a perfect side dish for those with intolerances, sensitivities, and allergies.

This rice takes longer to cook than more well-known varieties. It is suggested that after cooking, the rice should stand for almost an hour to allow the starch to settle into its chewy texture. It is best suited as a side with robust, flavorful meals such as roasted or grilled meats. It works well in stews and garden vegetable bowls. Make tasty dirty rice with spicy sausage. Substitute traditional basmati rice with Wehani for red beans and rice dish. It also makes a great substitute for long grain rice or brown basmati rice. This rice can also be eaten as a dessert, topped with sweet coconut milk, and adds a special flavor and color to any dish.

Wehani rice is an impressive fragrant mahogany long grain with a savory musky nut-like flavor with great versatility and the ability to carry nearly any flavor profile well. Get your bulk supplies in 5-pound or 25-pound bags at Mount Hope Wholesale today.

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Ingredients: Organic Wehini Rice