Brown Rice, Short Grain

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Short Grain Brown Rice

In the perpetual quest for nourishment, late Stone Age humans figured out how to domesticate wild grasses to produce edible seeds. Rice cultivation began in China’s Yangtze River Valley perhaps 14,000 years ago. We’ve been growing and eating Oryza sativa ever since. Unfortunately, a few things have been lost in the march of time. Our diet once benefited from more than 100,000 types of rice, as compared with several thousand today. More significant was the loss of nutritional content, when man removed the bran and germ to produce white rice. Why not get back to your roots—and a healthier diet—by rediscovering brown rice, with its hearty, nutty flavor? To experience a pleasing chewiness unknown in white rice, try short grain brown rice, with the fat grains measuring only 3/16 of an inch or less.

Short grain brown rice has a moist consistency and holds together exceptionally well, which is why it’s perfect for sushi and any other recipe requiring rolling, wrapping or stuffing. Consider short grain brown rice for stuffed peppers and burritos. Experiment beyond the dinner table. Add this nutritious grain to luncheon soups. Cook it up as a breakfast porridge. Serve it as a dessert pudding. Play with the consistency by stirring it heartily for a starchier texture. Stir less and serve sooner for a fluffier outcome.

The fiber that gives brown rice its chewy consistency also does wonders for health. Modern studies show that high-fiber diets can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, respiratory ailments and cancer. Brown rice is loaded with B vitamins and essential minerals, including potassium, calcium, manganese and selenium.

We offer our short grain brown rice in bulk. Wholesale buyers may prefer our 25-pound sacks, while individual shoppers may opt for our 5-pound bags.

Ingredients: Short Grain Brown Rice