Bay Leaves, Whole

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Bay Leaves

Some spices and herbs demand your attention. Their presence is unavoidable, distinct and powerful. Other herbs strike a more tame tone. A soft, easy, background presence. A supporting character to the bold lead. Our bay leaves are the perfect example of this.

Presented as a whole leaf, this herb is typically not eaten alone. Rather, it’s most commonly simmered in a sauce or braising liquid. Its taste profile is a subtle sharpness, a tender bitterness that is released in the cooking liquid adding a whisper of complexity and depth to your dish. Bay leaves are most commonly used for their aromatic qualities, the fragrant leaf coming from the mediterranean laurel bush. Many European and mediterranean cuisines use the leaves to add flavor to their stews, soups, braises, meat marinades, sauces and vegetable dishes, but they are also common in Latin American cooking.

Consumption of the leaf itself is not particularly pleasing; the leaf is rather tough and unappetizing. But the leaf’s large size makes it easy to pick out before serving and this hearty leaf can cook for hours without breaking down. Consider adding the leaves to your rice and grains as they cook and remove them easily before presenting. They also contribute beautifully to poultry brines

Although freshness is paramount for all herbs, with the bay leaf, it is of particular importance. At Mount Hope Wholesale we turn over our inventory quickly, proudly ensuring you the highest quality and freshness. This is a bulky product, so it is available by the half pound as wells as in full one pound bags.

While it may not distinctly standout alone, without question, this classic herb add a delicious certain something to your efforts.

Ingredients: Bay Leaves