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Pink Peppercorns

Any discussion of pink peppercorns inevitably begins with a disclaimer, noting what they are not. Despite their common name, they are not related to the black peppercorns that come from the Piper nigrum vine native to South and Southeast Asia. So what are they? First and foremost, they’re deliciously spicy, with a delicate peppery heat, layered with floral, citrusy, piney and lightly sweet notes. Pink peppercorns are also South American in origin. They are the dried berries from one of two small trees belonging to the cashew family: Schinus terebinthifolia (this is the variety we cary), the Brazilian peppertree; and Schinus molle, also known as the Peruvian peppertree.

Pink peppercorns have a long history of culinary, medicinal and religious use among the indigenous peoples of South America, but didn’t become an export until the late 1800s. Only recently have they acquired worldwide popularity. French chefs were among the first outlanders to put the spice to work—for the rose-colored, peppery sauce served with côte de boeuf (standing rib roast). Pink peppercorns work well with many light sauces for meat and fish. Their fruity undertones also enhance fruit sides and desserts. They often turn up in curries and vinaigrettes. Some cooks add them whole to salads, while some mixologists toss them into martinis. Pink peppercorns are moist enough for a pleasingly al dente bite. Because their consistency will gum up a pepper mill, they are usually crushed with a knife or a spice grinder.

The spice offers some health benefits, as well as intriguing flavor and visual appeal. Pink peppercorns contain such antioxidants as anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, compounds that fight disease-triggering free radicals, as well as gallic acid, which has both antibacterial and antiviral properties.

For wholesale buyers interested in bulk shopping, we offer 25-pound cases of pink peppercorns. They’re also available in 1-pound bags.

Ingredients: Pink Peppercorns