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Chile Flakes

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Chile Flakes

Our crushed red chili flakes are made by dry roasting only the freshest, most flavorful full red chili peppers. They are then crushed down into tiny flakes of spice packed flavor bombs. Don’t confuse chile flakes with traditional chile powder, as chile powder is a blend of chiles and other spices and herbs.

But chile flakes are nothing but pure crushed red chilis, so they pack a delicious and reliable punch. The red chilis used to create this vital ingredient originated in the Americas, both North America (Mexico, Central) and South America (all over, but especially Peru). It wasn’t until Christopher Columbus and his ships arrived that the wonders of chiles were spread far and wide.

Now, chile flakes are a vital component of so many worldwide dishes, it would be impossible to list them all here. Beyond being an ingredient in a near infinite number of recipes, you can use chili flakes spice up any dish, from vegetables to meats to pizza and everything in between. You can purchase our chili flakes in one and five pound bags.

Ingredients: Crushed Red Pepper, Safflower Oil (processing aid)