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Fennel Pollen

Although the bulbous root, feathery leaves and seeds of fennel plants have spiced up mankind’s cuisine for centuries, the culinary use of fennel pollen is of newer vintage. America’s gourmet cooks discovered it in the 1990s, by way of Tuscany, where the locals had long dubbed it the Spice of the Angels. No, this is not a case of Italian hyperbole. Fennel pollen is just that good. Like other parts of the plant, the pollen combines notes of licorice, honey, citrus, and anise, but in a sweeter, more layered and more pungent way. Just a pinch enhances the primary flavors of sweet and savory recipes alike. More than a pinch will overwhelm them. The Spice of the Angels is often added just before serving, although it can also be baked into breads and cakes and rubbed into meats and fish before grilling or roasting.

Ironically, the Spice of the Angels comes from a glorified weed, belonging to the carrot family. The fennel plant is a perennial that got its start in Mediterranean regions, but has established a roadside presence in many countries. Italy and California are the primary sources of commercially grown fennel (and fennel pollen). As easy as the plant is to grow, fennel pollen is enormously labor intensive to harvest. Using only their hands, harvesters carefully gather the tiny flowerlets at peak bloom. The pollen-laden flowers are then dried and screened.

Because of the tiny quantities used, fennel pollen is not a significant source of nutrition, but it does have health benefits. Like other parts of the fennel plant, it can calm a jumpy GI tract. The aromatic terpenes in the pollen have anti-inflammatory and mood-elevating properties.

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