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Garlic Powder

There are a handful of ingredients one can safely assume they’d find in most kitchens around the world. Regardless of the cuisine being prepared, some ingredients are simply universal staples. Salt and pepper, to name the obvious. And right behind them: garlic.

This odorous powerhouse enhances every dish it touches, from Italian and Indian to New American and French. Pungent, bold, and full of medicinal value, chefs have relied on this vegetable for centuries and many would argue that there is simply no substitute for garlic in their kitchens.

Garlic powder is the result of thoroughly dehyrdrating, then finely grinding fresh garlic cloves. It is exceptionally fine, so if you need something coarser, we also carry garlic granules, and minced garlic flakes.

These dried variations won’t spoil like fresh garlic will, or run the chance of sprouting if given enough time. It has a similar flavor profile to fresh garlic, but is more subtle and doesn’t have the active allicin compound that give the fresh stuff its heat. This makes it a perfect addition to your spice blends and dry rubs; an easy way to punch up the flavor without increasing the time and effort that goes into creating a dish. Consider also your roasted nuts, salad toppings, popcorn, etc. Most likely, you may not add fresh garlic to such dishes. But with the ease of garlic powder, you can effortlessly transform the mundane info the sublime.

Ingredients: Garlic