Cardamom, Green Pods

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Green Cardamom Pods

Aromatic, with an exotic and floral aroma, Mount Hope Wholesale provides Green Cardamom Seed pods that are a versatile addition to many foods and beverages. Cardamoms are known to span the culinary spectrum–from beverages and delicate desserts to meats and curries.

Green Cardamom is common in Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian cuisine. This often misspelled spice has a strong, pungent flavor profile with hints of mint and lemon. Not unlike its counterpart, the black Cardamom pod has a smokey note and hints of menthol flavor.

Cardamom runs alongside the ginger family and each pod contains many seeds. There are also some traditional medicinal benefits to this spice.

Got a bit of sour mouth? Freshen your breath with Cardamom. A little tummy trouble? Cardamom acts as a digestive aid. It’s possible cardamom lowers blood pressure, keeps blood sugars in check, produces cancer-fighting compounds, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Ground Cardamom made from the entire pod works great in recipes calling for cardamom. As mentioned, the entire pod can be grounded together. Or try toasting the pod first, removing the seeds and grinding the seeds separately. The toasted pods can then be reserved for flavoring coffee and tea. Or use the ground the pods with coffee beans for a more intense flavor. This would create an unexpected but delightful surprise for your tastebuds in an after-dinner coffee or tea.

Use whole pods or grind the entire pod with the seeds to make a tasty spice. With it’s sweet, warm taste, add Cardamom to baked goods and savory dishes.

Ingredients: Green Cardamom Pods