Hibiscus Flowers

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Hibiscus Flowers

Edible flowers may seem like nothing more than a fancy food trend, and they certainly do add a touch of elegance to any dish. But eating every possible part of a plant—including its flowers – aided the survival and culinary enjoyment of our ancestors. Many parts of the tropical hibiscus plant are edible, including the leaves and calyxes which are considered the plant’s fruit. However, it’s the impressive hibiscus flowers that gets the most attention. And no wonder, fresh or dried, they add a cranberry-like zing to your dishes.

Mount Hope bulk dried hibiscus flowers have no added sweeteners, preservatives or other unwanted ingredients. We provide pure flowers at great wholesale prices. Add our hibiscus flowers to lemonade for gorgeous color and flavor or brew a simple tea to be served hot or cold. The flavor of hibiscus flowers is often compared to lemons or tart berries.

There’s much more to our wholesale hibiscus flowers than just tasty beverages. Use their steeping liquid to cook rice with a tangy twist and a beautiful garnet color. Crumble a few flowers into soups and stews as a finishing spice for a bit of fresh flavor after long cooking. Grind into a fine powder and use as a seasoning, the natural lemony flavor may help reduce salt use. Imagine how colorful and delicious popcorn seasoned with hibiscus and Mount Hope’s Himalayan fine pink salt would be.

Hibiscus tea is also considered medicinal and has traditionally been used to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and increase milk production for nursing mothers. Though more research is needed to support those claims, Mount Hope bulk hibiscus flowers are packed with vitamin C, vitamin A and plenty of flavor.

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