Lemon Pepper

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Lemon Pepper

Every home cook and professional chef should have some lemon pepper seasoning on hand. The citrusy lemon flavor comes from Lemon Peel and lemon oil mashed together with cracked black pepper to release the essential oils from the lemon peel. The aromatic spice fills your kitchen with mouth-watering frangrance as you prep your meal.

Other complimenting all-natural ingredients in this all-in-one spice include onion, garlic, turmeric and others. All these ingredients are ground together to entice every tastebud. It makes a delightful recipe for any palate from a backyard BBQ to a five-star restaurant.

Turmeric gives this seasoning it’s nice yellow/gold coloring while also complimenting the lemon and orange flavors with a pungent kick.

The lemon-pepper combination has been around forever, but the origination is lost to history. It is, however, common in Indian cuisine and popular throughout the united states. Whether grilling, baking, or sauteeing, it’s a classic seasoning for chicken. Used as a rub or in a marinade on a variety of meats or to add another level of savory citrus flavor to seafood dishes. It’s not only splendid on chicken but tasty in a juicy burger and delectable sprinkled on veggies. The citrus and pepper seasoning brings out and enhances the natural flavor of any meat or vegetable you add it too.

With your bulk order of Lemon Pepper seasoning at a wholesale price, you’ll never run out. For a more garlicky and less citrusy flavor try our Roasted Garlic Pepper Blend.

Ingredients: Lemon peel, Black Pepper, Salt.,Onion, Garlic,Sugar, Citric Acid, Turmeric