Lime Leaf Powder


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Lime Leaf Powder

Lime Leaf Powder also known as Kieffer Lime Leaf Powder, Bai Makrut Powder or Makrut Lime Leaf Powder is an aromatic and flavorful ingredient that adds a delicious citrusy taste to various dishes. It is made from ground lime leaves, which are harvested from the Kaffir lime tree, a native of Southeast Asia. Lime Leaf Powder has a strong and distinct flavor, and it is widely used in Thai, Indonesian, and other Southeast Asian cuisines.

Lime Leaf Powder is versatile and can be added to a wide variety of dishes. It can be used in curries, soups, stews, and marinades. It is also suitable for sprinkling over salads, roasts, or grilled vegetables to add a refreshing citrus aroma and taste. Lime Leaf Powder is a great addition to any kitchen. This is a must-have spice for Thai, Indonesian and other Southeast Asian dishes. The powder form provides ease and convenience, and it can be used instead of fresh lime leaves

The Lime Leaf Powder is considered to have several health benefits as it contains potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to improve digestion and reduce stress levels. Overall, Lime Leaf Powder has numerous culinary applications, it adds an exotic and refreshing flavor to different types of dishes, making it an ideal ingredient for people who love spicy, fragrant and flavorful cuisine.