Orange Peel Granules

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Orange peel granules

Orange peel granules make it easy for you to give your foods a sweet flavor kick. Orange often takes a back seat to lemon, but it no longer has to when you discover the multitude of ways to use this delicious peel in your recipes. Full of vitamin C, and fiber, and packed with the flavor of the zest of the orange, these granules arrive to you, pre-zested and ready to be mixed in to your favorite recipes. Use orange peel granules in sweet treats such as cookies and cakes or for an additional fruity flavor in your smoothies. Not only good for baking, orange peels can also be used in soups, marinades, and sauces. For example, develop an orange glaze for chicken, or add orange zest garnish to your rice for a unique side dish. Other ideas are to combine orange peel granules with brown sugar for custards or to glaze carrots.


Fresh oranges might not always be available at the store, or you may have the desire to bake when a store is not open. Having orange peel granules on hand, fresh for your use in your refrigerator provide an easy solution for orange zest recipes. Then, you have the freedom to bake or cook any time of day. Use your bulk supply to try new recipes or reinvent old recipes that may soon become your current favorites.


Our wholesale 1-pound bags of orange peel granules easily fit into your refrigerator. Keep one or two bags at your disposal when you need to cook in bulk or for your smaller baking projects! Let orange become the new lemon in your recipes and try new combinations such as orange bread or orange cranberry muffins. Or, throw a handful into trail mix for a sweet burst that will leave you coming back for more.


Ingredients: Orange Peel