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Sweet Paprika

Mount Hope’s sweet paprika is the dried and powdered form of the Capsicum Anuum plant, or sweet pepper, and has a mildly sweet flavor.

Originally native to southern North America and northern South America, paprika is now a staple of European and Mediterranean cuisine as well, especially the Hungarian and Moroccan varieties. Moroccan cuisine will often blend paprika with olive oil, creating a fantastic combination of flavors.

You have probably seen paprika used as a garnish, dusting devilled eggs or sprinkled on chopped vegetables, but its applications go far beyond that. Chefs throughout the world use paprika to add a robust flavor to soups and stews, rice, sausages and other meats both during cooking or in a dry rub. You can really let paprika’s flavor blossom by cooking it in hot oil along with whatever dish you’re making. You can purchase our paprika in one or five pound bags.

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Ingredients: Paprika