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Whole Rainbow Peppercorns

Fresh cracked pepper goes in just about every dish. Add a little for a hint of flavor, add a lot for bolder pepper notes. Mount Hope Wholesale’s Rainbow Peppercorns are a visually stunning, colorful combination of black, white, pink and green peppercorns.

Known as drupes, a single-seed fruit, peppercorns hang off a vine in long skinny bunches like tiny grapes. Their wrinkly skin comes in after the drying process. Peppercorns, like other fruits, ripen in stages from green to red. Of the four black peppercorns are the most popular and are also one of the oldest spices. They have existed in culinary cuisines since ancient times when they were used in trade. Scientists have even identified peppercorn in mummified corpses with other organic materials.

Black peppercorns begin as the unripe green fruit which is cooked and then sun-dried to look like the black pepper you most often see on your tables beside the salt.

To keep the green in the green peppercorns they are preserved in their unripe state by pickling them. This prevents the oxidation that turns them dark brown or black.

White peppercorns come from the fully ripened fruit which turns red in its last state. The peppercorn is soaked to remove the skin leaving behind the inside white seed.

Unlike the black, white and green peppercorns which originate from piper nigrum, the pink-colored pepper is a dried berry that comes from a different plant known as the Peruvian Pepper Tree, a South African shrub.

Peppercorns have some added health benefits, too. They are not only antibacterial and filled with antioxidants but also aid in digestion.

Whole rainbow peppercorns amp up the flavor in soups, stews, and marinades. Grind them onto salads, pasta dishes, meat, vegetable, and chicken. This blend gives a unique zesty flavor and satisfying aroma to all your savory dishes. Make ground pepper by toasting these peppercorns to bring out the essential oils. We also have ready to use ground rainbow peppercorns if you prefer.

Chefs and individuals can purchase wholesale or bulk 1 lb bags and 5 lb bags.

Ingredients: Black, White, Pink & Green Peppercorns