Sea Salt, Cyprus Flakes

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Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes

Cyprus salt flakes are a luxurious, premium quality salt harvested from the Mediterranean Sea, where the crystal clear waters surrounding the island nation of Cyprus are famous for producing some of the world’s finest sea salt.

What sets Cyprus salt flakes apart from other salts is the unique shape of the flakes, the texture, and the delicate flavor. The pyramid shape of the flakes is a result of the proprietary harvesting process used in Cyprus. This means that these flakes will add both a unique and an interesting texture and flavor to your dishes. They have a delicate and subtle flavor making them the perfect finishing salt that can enhance the natural taste of your food.

Cyprus salt flakes are also wonderfully versatile in cooking; they are great for seasoning grilled meats, raw vegetables, salads, and even chocolate desserts. If you’re looking for a gourmet finishing salt that’s packed with health benefits and has a unique and delicate flavor, Cyprus salt flakes are a must-have for your kitchen. Once you try them, you’ll never go back to ordinary salt flakes.

Ingredients: Sea Salt