Sea Salt, Coarse

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Coarse Sea Salt

Coarse sea salt has a different texture and flavor than fine table salt. The larger crystals and lower moisture content create a more complex and interesting flavor profile, with a more pronounced saltiness and mineral taste. For this reason, some chefs prefer to use coarse sea salt when seasoning certain dishes.

Coarse crystal sea salt is easier to control when seasoning food. The irregular shape and size of the crystals mean that chefs can more easily see how much salt they are adding to a dish, and can more precisely control the amount of salt that is added. Coarse sea salt is often used as a finishing salt, meaning it is added to a dish just before serving rather than during cooking. The larger crystals and texture of the salt can add a satisfying crunch to a dish, as well as enhance the flavors of other ingredients. Sea Salt contains less sodium and more trace elements than salt mined from the earth.

Ingredients: Sea Salt