Shichimi Togarashi

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Shichimi togarashi

Shichimi togarashi is a common Japanese spice mixture that dates back to the 17th century, in what is now current day Tokyo. This coarsely ground special seasoning blend includes dried chiles, sesame seeds, orange peel, salt, granulated nori, and ginger powder. The most potent ingredient is dried chilis, but it’s the sesame, ground ginger , and nori that make for a distinctly Japanese flavor unlike other chile based spicy herb mixtures.

Dried chilis and ginger add the spicey notes while Nori, Japanese for edible seaweed, gives this mixture that umami flavor notable to Japanese cuisine. Shichimi adds a punch to noodle and rice dishes, meats, tempuras, and soups. It has multiple uses allowing you to get creative and satisfy your tastebuds.

First created in Yagenbori herb shop in the early 1600s, Shichimi means seven, for the original seven ingredients included in their blend. This herb was sold for medicinal properties until it became more popular as a seasoning among local street vendors. It is sometimes called yagenbori after the shop where it was first created.

Shichimi compliments many dishes. Sprinkle this spicey herb blend over just about anything whether creating Japanese cuisine or not. It flavors vegetables, steamed rice, udon or soba noodles, grilled meats, eggs, chicken, and fish. It kicks up marinades and rubs. It zests up soups, tempuras, and dressings. For a spicy umami snack, shake it over popcorn, rice cakes, fries, or crackers. Add before or after food is cooked as it works great in place of salt and pepper on your table.

Shichimi togarashi comes bulk in 1 lb bags at wholesale prices. We also have Chinese Five Spice for a different kind of oriental flare.

Ingredients: Dried chiles, Sesame seeds, Orange peel, Salt, Granulated nori, Ginger powder
Allergens: Sesame