Sea Salt, Smoked Coarse Alderwood

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Smoked Coarse Alderwood Sea Salt

You can use regular sea salt, or you can punch up your dishes with Smoked Coarse Alderwood Sea Salt. With smokey notes, this coarse salt has a sweet and smooth flavor that enhances everything from meat and seafood to salad and scrambled eggs.  This sea salt utilizes a 100% natural smoke flavoring process leaving the bitterness out of the finished product but giving your homemade spice mix that campfire flavor it’s been dreaming of.

This is non-GMO sea salt is free from additives, dairy, gluten, soy, and MSG sure to please every palate. Sodium chloride, the main compound in sea salt, helps your body balance fluid, stay hydrated, and maintain blood pressure. It contains naturally derived minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium.   

Sea Salt, unlike table salt, retains its minerals and natural elements with very little processing and it doesn’t contain additives. It is harvested naturally from the evaporated sea and ocean saltwater. Using a time-honored process coarse ground pure sea salt is then slow-smoked over an open fire of Northwest Red Alderwood. When you cook with this sea salt it smells like you’re standing over the open fire watching it smoke.  

Smoked Coarse Alderwood sea salt creates a unique flavor as a finishing salt. For that authentic cooked over an open flame flavor and aroma, add it to rubs, a special spice blend or seasoned mixes before cooking. Give your meat and vegetables that smokey mouthwatering finish without liquid smoke.

Impress your guests or patrons and keep bulk orders of this salt on hand for all your recipes and dishes so you’ll never run out. If you prefer a finer grind, Mount Hope Wholesale also has fine grain Smoked Alderwood sea salt

Ingredients: Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt