Vinegar Powder White

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White Vinegar Powder

Vinegar adds a distinct tangy flavor to many favorite foods. It is a fermented liquid that has been used for thousands of years and now appreciated in its powdered form.  Culinary artists, chefs, and cooks everywhere are using more and more white vinegar powder to enhance the flavor of a variety of their dishes and special recipes. White vinegar powder may seem like a newer ingredient on the culinary scene, but actually dates back to 1615 where it is found in a 17th Century recipe book, The English Huswife that shared different recipes and healing remedies.

Mount Hope Wholesale white vinegar powder can be applied to any recipe that calls for vinegar or needs a tart, tangy flavor. This delicious seasoning enhances recipes that call for vinegar without diluting the flavor or adding unwanted liquid or moisture. (It also takes up less space in the pantry like large bottles of vinegar). White vinegar powder is perfect for improving the flavors of soups, sandwiches, snacks, stews, glazes, chili, salad dressings, dry rubs, mixed nuts, dips, marinades, meats, potatoes, casseroles, and just about any recipe. Two favorite snacks to sprinkle white vinegar powder onto are homemade potato chips and Mount Hope’s freshly popped yellow popcorn

Yes, Mount Hope white vinegar powder elevates the taste of food, and although it doesn’t have important vitamins or valuable nutrients, studies show it does have some health components, worth mentioning. White vinegar powder is cholesterol free, plant based, has no calories and helps maintain consistent blood sugar levels. It is also a source of poly phenols, plant compounds that are antioxidants and fight disease causing free radicals. White vinegar is also known to help folks feel fuller longer, assisting in weight loss efforts and maintaining a healthy weight.

Mount Hope Wholesale bulk white vinegar powder is available in one pound and five pound bags and like all the products in our line, is the highest quality you can find on the market today.  

Ingredients: IP maltodextrin, white distilled vinegar