Dill, Whole Seed

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Whole Dill Seed

Native to Asia and the Mediterranean, dill is one of the hardier herbs, growing like the proverbial weed and reseeding itself to return year after year in diverse climates. Now naturalized in many corners of the globe, it figures in various national cuisines. Whole dill seed turns up in Russian borscht, Scandinavian breads, Southeast Asian meat stews and Greece’s tzatziki, a cucumber and yogurt salad. Persian Gulf countries love to put whole dill seed on their fish dishes, while Israelis add it to omelets and salads. Germans love dill seed in potato salad. Many American cooks expand on that custom, by using dill to make hot potato and other vegetable sides memorable. And where would we be without dill pickles and dilly beans? The broad spectrum of flavor notes in dill explains its varied applications. On one end of that spectrum is a licorice-like sweetness, with undertones of citrus. On the other end are grassy, slightly bitter flavors, with just a hint of camphor. Dill seed is generally stronger than dill weed. It pairs well with lemon and holds its own with robust fish entrees like herring and salmon, while adding zing to blander fare like potatoes.

Mankind has been hooked on dill for five millennia, for both culinary and medicinal purposes. It soothed upset stomachs in ancient Egypt, symbolized wealth in ancient Greece, crowned conquering Roman heroes, combatted flatulence and hiccups for Charlemagne’s 8th century dinner guests and warded off witches in medieval Europe. Modern medical studies confirm its carminative and anti-bacterial properties. The volatile oils in dill (especially in the seed) can combat various carcinogens. A respectable source of calcium and magnesium, dill is also protective of bone health.

For the convenience of wholesale buyers, we offer our whole seed dill in bulk, in 1-pound bags.

Ingredients: Dill Seed