Brown Sugar, Light

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Light Brown Sugar

Light Brown Sugaris granulated white sugar that has been combined with molasses. The difference between dark and light brown sugar is the amount of molasses added. The more molasses, the darker the sugar creating a brown sugar with a deeper, more complex flavor, almost like nutty toffee or caramel.

Light brown sugar is a more common ingredient in baked goods and recipes. Mount Hope’s brown sugar is organic and made with the highest quality of sugar and molasses creating a moist, subtle molasses flavor that is perfect for cookies, shortbread, brownies, cakes and a multitude of baked goods. Organic or natural sugar has a distinctive flavor difference, because of the natural molasses content in every sugar crystal.

Light brown sugar is a delicious kitchen pantry powerhouse because it can be added to anything that needs a hint of sweetness. It’s distinctive nutty flavor also adds a hint of sweetness to savory sauces and marinades, in meatloaf, soups, stews, casseroles and in various other everyday recipes and dishes. You can also add Mount Hope light brown sugar to your coffee, tea, fruit juices, cocktails and all favorite hot and cold beverages.

Mount Hope Wholesale has the freshest bulk organic light brown sugar and other bulk supplies for all of your cooking needs. We do also carry 50 pound sacks of dark brown sugar for those needing more molasses and higher quantities.

Ingredients: Brown Sugar