Cannellini Beans (Heirloom)

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Cannellini Beans

Staples of Italian cuisine, cannellini beans are the heart of dishes like minestrone and pasta e fagioli. With its nutty, earthy taste and its ability to hold its shape, this large, white, kidney-shaped bean is tailor-made for soups. But it’s also versatile, adding al dente crunch to salads and creaminess to the French peasant treat, cassoulet. It is often used interchangeably with great northern beans, although purists will sniff at the differences: The cannellini is larger and less grainy, lends a creamier texture to soups and stews and has more taste than its great northern cousin, which tends to blend in with whatever it accompanies.

As dear as the cannellini may be to aficionados of Tuscan dishes, it shares the same history as another Italian staple, the tomato. Both got their start in the New World. The bean family’s roots are in Mexico and Central America. Over the centuries, bean variants were developed and cultivated throughout the New World. Tuscany didn’t find out about the variant that would become known as the cannellini until Italian immigrants landed in Argentina. There they fell in love with the large white bean and eventually brought it back to Italy, where commercial cultivation soon began. Italians were so crazy about the bean, they likened it to a popular cinnamon-flavored hard candy. So they baptized it “cannellini,” tracing back to “canella,” the Italian word for cinnamon.

Like all legumes, cannellinis have a boatload of health benefits. A major source of fiber and potassium, they are heart-healthy. Even by the standards of all beans, cannellinis have a particularly low glycemic index, which means they help balance blood sugar levels.

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