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Small White Beans

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Small White Beans

Also called Navy bean or French Navy beans (so named because of their frequent appearance on the plates of service men ins the 19th century), small white beans are smooth, ivory-colored legumes with an oval shape. They are smaller but similar to Great Northern beans in color, shape, and flavor. However, Small White beans have a denser texture than other white beans.

Thanks to their hearty texture, Small White beans are a good choice for long-cooking soups and stews. They wont get mushy like some other types of beans, even when simmered for 2 hours or more. Mount Hope bulk Small White beans have a clean, mild taste that absorbs other flavors well. Use them in chili, baked beans and soup or as a plant-based protein in main-meal salads. Their dense texture also makes them a great ingredient in homemade vegan burger patties. Vegans and vegetarians often rely on beans for nutrition. One cup of Small White beans contains 15 grams of protein, thats about twice the amount of protein in one egg.

Dried beans arent quick to prepare, but they are simple. Soaking dried white beans overnight will result in a shorter cooking time and tastier, more tender beans. Once cooked, you can enjoy them as a main meal, a side dish or an ingredient in something else.

In addition to being high in protein, Small White beans are high in fiber and magnesium, an important mineral for maintaining heart health and keeping blood pressure at healthy levels. For all the nutrition they provide, beans are low in calories and satisfying to eat. If youre trying to lose weight or stay fit, stocking up on Small White beans at our wholesale prices makes sense.

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