Peas, Split Green

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Green Split Pea

Call it comfort food or health food. The humble green split pea is both, and more. This legume got its start in China four millennia ago, as a field pea, intended for drying and storage. Mankind didn’t develop tender garden peas, eaten in their fresh state, until the 16th century. But that development didn’t diminish the worldwide popularity of the split pea, with its earthy taste and ability to dry well, without losing too many nutrients.

It’s not surprising that the split pea, which comes in three colors: green, yellow and red, has such a long track record. It’s inexpensive to grow and use and is packed with nutrition. One of the most protein-rich vegetables grown, it also contains significant amounts of Vitamins A and B, plus such essential minerals as potassium and magnesium. Its high fiber content helps lower blood cholesterol and balance blood sugar. Because they maintain much of their nutrients in storage, split peas were staples of long sea voyages, during which sailors and passengers alike kept healthy by eating split pea soup. The French immigrants who settled Quebec in the 17th century applied the lessons of the long crossing to their new homeland. Split pea soup with ham hocks has been a staple of Quebecois cooking for centuries. That hearty soup pops up in many other northern cultures, intent on beating back the winter blues. The English, Dutch, French, Polish and Scandinavians all have their own versions of this hearty fare.

But split peas aren’t just for soup. They add an al dente texture to salads, absorb and balance the seasonings of curry and lend themselves well to a hummus-like dip.

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Ingredients: Split Green Peas