Aleppo Chile Flakes

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Aleppo Chile Flakes

Aleppo chile flakes have a sweet, sharp-tasting chile flavor with mild to moderate heat. These dark red pepper flakes have a slow heat build. Combinng cumin undertones and a tangy fruit flavor, this spice adds an authentic Mediterranean flavor to many recipes without overpowering burning notes. Mount Hope Wholesale’s Aleppo chile flakes contains only the savory dried chiles, no additives or other chiles added as filler. It sits at about 10,000 scoville heat units.

Aleppo pepper, also known as Halaby pepper has a slightly oily texture. This spice was named for the city of Aleppo in northern Syria where it was originally cultivated, but it now grows in the Mediterranean and middle east. It has a flavor profile that sits between an ancho chile and a sundried tomato.

Aleppo chile flakes are about half as hot as our typical crushed red pepper which makes this a good substitute if you want to maintain flavor but reduce the heat. It is a delicate versatile spice perfect for seasoning beans, salads, dips, meats, and sauces. For a Mediterranean flare add it to pasta dishes and spice up breakfast egg burritos. Sprinkle it on popcorn to give it some heat while watching a movie. It’s also great on vegetables and vegan favorites like tofu. Use it as a condiment after foods have been cooked or during the cooking process.

These flakes are finer than our regular chile flakes as well. They’re close to a stone ground consistency, but are definitely more ‘flaky’ than our chile powders, which are much more finely ground. Some may consider this item more of a ‘powder’ than a flake.

At Mount Hope Wholesale we have 1-pound bags of Aleppo Chile Flakes. Buy in bulk and stock up! For a smoky flavor try dried Chipotle chile flakes made from Jalapenos and smoked.

Ingredients: Ground Aleppo Chiles