New Mexico Chile Powder, Red

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New Mexico Chile Powder

New Mexico chile powder is a specific type of red chile powder that’s made from dried New Mexico chile peppers. This is a pepper developed by noted horticulturist, Fabian Garcia. Like most peppers, the New Mexico pepper starts green and becomes red as it ripens. The fruity flavor of this pepper is at the heart of the cuisine of the American Southwest.

Our New Mexico chile powder provides a mild to medium heat. Use it in combination with smoky spices such as our bulk ancho chile powder or alone when the recipe calls for a fresh, not-too-hot layer of spice.

Naturally, Mexican-inspired cuisine is the first thought when it comes to chile powder, and it’s a must in salsa, guacamole, enchilada sauce, taco meat and spicy grilled fish. But there are also many ways to incorporate New Mexico chile powder into every day cooking. Use it instead of black pepper to add a new flavor to soups, stews and meat dishes. Mix it into your homemade rubs, barbecue sauces and salad dressings for a special zip. You can also use red chile powder as a table spice, sprinkling it on popcorn, rice, vegetables, baked potatoes and even popcorn.

The fruity notes in our wholesale New Mexico chile powder complements sweet foods too, especially chocolate desserts. A dash of chile powder in your favorite cake or cookie recipe will make the other flavors seem brighter and more delicious. Don’t be afraid to experiment with New Mexico chile powder. It brings a lot of flavor without a lot of heat. We also have an even milder green New Mexico chile powder made from less mature pods.

Ingredients: Ground New Mexico Chiles