Fig, Black Mission Chopped

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Chopped Black Mission Figs

The black mission fig wants to share its natural sweetness with the world so much that ripe fruits of this tree often ooze a bit of sweet sap while still on the branch – a sure sign that the fig is ready for eating. Highly perishable, these fruits are perfect candidates for drying. Dried or fresh, figs have a fruity taste reminiscent of bananas and strawberries. Equally important is the chopped black mission fig’s complex texture, combining the pleasant chewiness of the inner flesh with the happy crunch of tiny seeds.

A delicious addition to such baked goods as muffins, breads and cookies, dried chopped figs should be blended into the batter before cooking. For a texturally interesting breakfast treat, stir a handful into oatmeal or yogurt. Diced figs also pair well with cheese, lend sweet chewiness to salads and make a unique contribution to traditional Thanksgiving stuffing.

The black mission fig tree is just one of many ficus carica variations. Ficus trees have been nourishing mankind since 5000 BC. Starting out in ancient Egypt and eventually spreading to ancient Greece and Rome, the trees landed in the New World courtesy of Franciscan monks. Those missionaries planted the first fig trees in coastal California in the late 18th century. The harvest acquired its name in honor of the Franciscan horticulturalists and in acknowledgment of that specific variety’s richly dark, blackish-purple skin.

Over millennia, figs have treated respiratory ailments, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and anemia, among other health problems. Dried or fresh, the fruit is packed with Vitamins A, B and C, plus such essential minerals as calcium and potassium.

For the convenience of wholesale buyers, our chopped black mission figs are available in bulk full cases, as well as in our 1-pound or 5-pound bags. We also offer whole black misson figs as well as whole white Calimyrna figs.

Ingredients: Black Mission Figs, Dextrose (Maximum content 8% by weight)