Coconut, Macaroon (Fine)

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Fine Macaroon Coconut

For the finest sweetener in baking look no further than Mount Hope’s Fine Macaroon Coconut. Like the name implies this dried and finely shredded coconut adds that exotic taste to your macaroons, cookies, pies, baked treats, and other desserts. The only ingredient is coconut and these wholesale bags contain no other sweeteners. And it’s perfect for recipes that must maintain a smooth texture.

Coconut, a versatile fruit that adds richness to almost any dish, comes from the coconut palm grown in tropical regions close to the sea. They are a sturdy fruit take nearly a year before they ripen and are more closely related to a drupe than a nut. Other drupes include peaches, cherries, and plums.

The meat in the coconut, that is used to make this ultra-fine sweetener is high in Potassium, Manganese, iron, and Copper. What other natural sweetener helps lower cholesterol and promote weight loss? It’s also thought that coconuts help fight chronic fatigue. This antifungal, antioxidant drupe protects cells and supports your immune system.

Manganese in coconut promotes strong bones and a healthy metabolism. Because this sweetener is natural and doesn’t break down the same way as sugar in your body it’s possible coconut plays a role in blood sugar control.

Coconut not only adds an authentic tropical flavor to your baked goods, but it’s also a tasty garnish in Indian and Asian dishes. Add it to curry dishes to sweeten up the savory, earthy flavor of the recipe, include it with fish, in stews, and rice. This fine coconut works well in exotic beverages like the popular pina colada.

Wholesale unsweetened Coconut, Macaroon (Fine) comes in 1 and 5 lbs bags. It can also be purchased in bulk 25 lb cases.  

Ingredients: Coconut