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Looking for a delicate pop of sweetness in your savory recipes? Are you wanting to add subtle texture to your baked goods that won’t overwhelm the final product? Would your meats be enriched by the delicate nuances of a contrasting flavor? If so, the dried currants may be just the product you’re looking for.

Think of Zante Currants, the dried version of the Black Corinth grape, as the petite, sophisticated cousin of a typical thompson raisin. The flavor is a bit more intense, but it remains sweet, not tart.

Because of it’s small size, the currant is an ideal addition to recipes where only an accent of sweetness is desired. Think rice pilaf, couscous, salad toppings, pasta or stuffing for poultry. Perhaps most common though, is the currant’s use in baked goods. Scones, cookies, sweet breads and puddings are traditional currant favorites. Consider also that the fruit’s potency paired with its smaller size lets you use half us much without giving up flavor or the appearance of lots of fruit!

If your recipe calls for chopped raisins, save on labor and time by simply using currants. If using raisins feels heavy handed for your dish, but you still want a hint of the flavor and sweetness… try substituting with currants. Dried or rehydrated, used on its own or paired exceptionally with nuts and citrus, this versatile ingredient provides that final element of richness.

Mount hope wholesale offers currants in convenient one and 5 pound bags, for kitchens of all different sizes. If you have a dish that relies heavily on them, and is a popular choice for your customers, we also have full cases.

Ingredients: Zante Currant Raisins, Sunflower Oil