Papaya, Diced

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Diced Papaya

Outside of Hawaii and the Asian, Latin American and African tropics, it’s hard to find fresh papaya in prime condition. This tropical fruit has a short window of juicy sweetness. Unripe or bruised, it can taste unappetizing. The obvious solution is dried papaya, capturing the flavors at peak ripeness: sweetness, with floral, buttery and pleasingly musky notes. Dried, diced papaya can jazz up sweet baked goods, turn oatmeal into an exotic breakfast and lend intriguing texture to ice cream, yogurt, smoothies, even salads. High in carbohydrates, it’s a great addition to trail mix. Its chewiness provides a happy counterpoint to the crunch of nuts.

Papaya is the sizable fruit (weighing up to 20 pounds) of a palm-like tree that originated in southern Mexico and western South America. Long before the arrival of Spanish conquistadores, indigenous people were eating papaya and using both the fruit and leaves medicinally. The Spanish introduced the trees to the West Indies, Europe and some Pacific islands. Today, the fruit grows in tropical regions across the globe, with Brazil, Nigeria and India the top producers.

Dried papaya is a guilt-free treat. It’s packed with antioxidants, those magic bullets that target disease-inducing free radicals. It’s a significant source of arginine, an amino acid that heals wounds, boosts immunity and relaxes the arteries. The fiber in papaya can lower harmful cholesterol and promote digestive regularity. Additional GI benefits come from the fruit’s alkalinity and the presence of papain, an enzyme promoting healthy digestion. Adding papaya to the diet may also protect vision, by reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Our diced papaya, sold in bulk, comes in a range of sizes for use at home or in professional kitchens, from 1 pound bags to full cases. We also offer papaya spears.

Ingredients: Papaya, Sugar, Citric Acid (Calcium Chloride May Be Added To Improve Product Texture)