Raisins, Gold

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Gold Raisins

Gold raisins are arguably the golden child when it comes to dried fruit. Specially when compared to their dark-hued, smaller work-horse sibling – the Thompson raisin – gold raisins deliver a more fruitful flavor and more elegant presentation.

Gold raisins are often smaller in size and are often referred to as Sultanas. However, ours are large and plump. While standard brown raisins tend to be drier and have a firmer texture, Sultanas are noticeably softer, suppler and sweeter. They also absorb liquid far easier than regular raisins, making them a favorite for soaking in liquors.

Both regular raisins and gold raisins come from vine-ripened green grapes. While dark raisins are picked and dried in the sun, turning them brown, gold raisins are dehydrated indoors, in controlled temperatures and humidity levels. Some say the slower drying procedure allows the raisins to retain more of the nutrients than the regular sun-drying process. Gold raisins are also treated with sulfur dioxide, an antioxidant that also helps preserve the dried fruit and helps them retain their light, yellow color.

While raisins – gold or dark – are commonly added to baked goods and dishes, gold raisins win out in popularity because of their sweeter, moister, fruitier flavor.

  • Snack on a handful or add to oatmeal, granola bars and trail mixtures
  • Add to salads, sautéed vegetables, dips, grains and fish
  • Toss in baked cookies, cakes, chutneys, pies and breads

Packed with vitamins and minerals, these golden gems also are a good source of energy and rich in fiber. Eat in moderation, however, because of their high levels of sugar.

Ingredients: Raisins, sunflower oil, sulfur dioxide