Almond Extract

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Almond Extract

The sweet, almond flavor of our almond extract is available in bulk for all your baking needs. Our almond extract is stable and strong even for your most delicate recipes. Whether you use almond extract in your pies, as toppings, or in cookies, the smell and taste will bring everyone back for more. 

Almond extract is made from oil pressed out of bitter almonds or drupes, which are stone fruits. The oil is combined with water and alcohol to intensity the flavor and scent. Many recipes only require a small amount of almond oil due to its strong flavor, so our wholesale prices make your purchase of almond oil a good investment in your culinary arts. You can also substitute almond extract for vanilla extract in some recipes. However, you may have to reduce the quantity of almond extract due to its stronger flavor. 

Uses for almond extract include a variety of baking ideas. Try almond extract in nut-based cookies such as almond cookies or almonds crisps. Almond extract pairs well with fruits, so an apple crisp with toppings benefits from the sweet almond taste, or add it to an almond and raspberry combination to bring out the flavor of both. Add almond extract to your cakes for delicious almond cheesecakes or chocolate almond cakes. Or combine it to your favorite crust recipe for added flavor in your lemon, pecan, and apple pies. If you enjoy baking breads, the nutty, almond flavor adds a new twist on a cranberry or cinnamon bread. Or, add almond flavor to drinks such as smoothies or hot chocolate for an unexpected burst of sweet flavor. Once you discover the rich, sweet flavor of almond extract, you will find many uses for it in your favorite recipes, so let your imagination guide you.

Our wholesale almond extract is available in a one-quart bottle. When selecting your almond extract, consider our other nut-based extracts as well. These include hazelnut, pistachio, and butter pecan. Purchase almond extract in bulk so you will always have what you need to bake your treats whenever the mood hits. 

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Bitter Almond Oil