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Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract

There’s nothing else like it. Vanilla, one of the world’s most labor intensive crops to manage, has a one of a kind flavor that is essential in so many kitchens . The vanilla bean pairs beautifully with fruit, especially berries, cherries, peaches, and bananas, and is also delicious as the dominant flavor in custard and creams. This pure vanilla extract is an proprietary blend of beans from the planifolia species (commonly called Madagascar or Bourbon) that are grown in Madagascar and Indonesia.

The vanilla bean is from a variety of orchid originally native to Mexico and Central America. However the biggest producing regions are now Madagascar and nearby islands in the southwestern Indian Ocean and Indonesia, the South Pacific, and the West Indies and South America. Each region is known for a slightly different species.

Vanilla orchids are manually hand pollinated, and are only receptive to pollination during and incredibly short time frame. On the other thand, there germination period is quite long, as is window necessary to appropriately dry them out. These factors, joined to the fact that they only grow in a handful of regions, makes vanilla one of the most demanding of all crops in terms of attention and labor. Short supply can be made even shorter when big cyclones strike the growing regions, and demand never seems to wane. This makes Vanilla an exceptionally valuable crop, and makes the idea of ‘plain vanilla’ being used to describe something boring or unsophisticated seem quite ironic.

Mount Hope also offer pure vanilla extract by the quart and gallon.

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Ingredients: Vanilla Beans Extractives in Water, 35% Alcohol