Vanilla Extract – Madagascar Quart

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Vanilla Extract Quarts

Everyone knows the taste of vanilla extract, that staple of dessert dishes. But describing the taste gets complicated. A clutter of (sometimes conflicting) adjectives comes to mind: creamy, mellow, smooth, strong, floral, rich, sweet, with notes of bourbon. The abundance of descriptors traces back to vanilla’s versatility. Although it does indeed enhance the flavor of chocolate desserts, cakes, sweet muffins and ice cream, it also deserves a place in fruit salads. A dash of the extract can gentle the acidity of tomato sauces and balance the richness of meat stews. If you haven’t tried adding vanilla and cinnamon to chili, you’re missing something.

It’s nothing short of miraculous that vanilla extract sits in so many cupboards around the world today. A member of the orchid family, the Vanilla genus originated in Mexico, where the Totonac people parsed the plant’s considerable quirks centuries ago. They had to wait three years for the vanilla vine to flower. Then they prayed that a unique species of bee happened by to pollinate the flowers within 24 hours of blooming. Next came a 9-month wait for the pollinated flower to produce a bean, which then required curing. The process remains protracted today – and labor-intensive, with hand-pollination substituting for the melipona bees unique to Mexico. After the introduction of hand-pollination in the 19th century, vanilla plantations spread to tropical countries around the globe. Madagascar now leads the world in vanilla cultivation.

Another miraculous aspect of vanilla is its dual role as delicious and healthy. It has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant properties. Just smelling the extract can short-circuit depressive episodes and panic attacks. It even has topical applications to soften skin and promote silky hair.

Mount Hope Wholesale offers our pure Madagascar vanilla extract in these quarts and by the gallon if you need more.

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Ingredients: Vanilla Beans Extractives in Water, 35% Alcohol