Sorghum Flour

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Sorghum flour

Sorghum flour is one of the many different flours that cooks, bakers, and chefs are substituting for all-purpose and wheat flour . Sorghum is a favorite because it is gluten-free and reacts in baking and cooking similar to all-purpose flour. Sorghum features a subtle, nutty lightly sweet flavor and neutral color and can be used for a variety of baked goods and recipes. It can also be combined with other flours like oat flour  resulting in deliciously healthy baked goods.

So what is sorghum? Sorghum is a cereal grain, that is a member of the grass family that grows tall just like corn grows. It is a very popular sweetener in the southern states, usually made into syrup because it is easy to grow and harvest. Today, Sorghum flour, made from the whole grain is very popular among health enthusiasts, bakers, and foodies. Food for thought: Whole grain sorghum can be popped like popcorn!

Sorghum and sorghum flour is gluten-free and is packed with nutritional goodness. It is milled using the entire grain creating a powerful super nutritious flour that is rich with antioxidants, protein, and fiber. It is also loaded with B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. In addition, the starch and protein in sorghum take longer than other similar products to digest. This slow digestion is particularly helpful for those with diabetes.

Sorghum flour is perfect for a variety of recipes that call for flour including muffins, bread, buns, cereal, sourdough, muffins, cake, cookies, gravies, and thickeners. Because of the high fiber content, this gourmet flour will add a special, unique texture and density to all baked goods. Sorghum flour also makes a delicious, crispier coating for frying.

Ingredients: Whole Grain Sorghum