Polenta, Coarse White

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Coarse White Polenta

White polenta is an old school foodstuff making a modern day comeback — and for good reasons!

Polenta is most commonly associated with Italian cooking, although its origins lie elsewhere. When Columbus returned to Europe from the New World, he brought with him maize – otherwise known as – corn. Prior to this introduction, the plant was unknown to the continent. Europeans discovered the crop grew easily in their soil, particularly in Southern Italy, and its cultivation was inexpensive as well. It quickly became an agricultural and culinary staple.

Polenta is coarsely ground cornmeal. Its preparation is simple and its versatility wide. In its most basic preparation, one need only boil the polenta with water, butter and seasoning. The end result is a porridge like consistency with a mild corn flavor, making it the perfect base that won’t overpower your dish. Add an assortment of spices and herbs, and polenta mixes extremely well with a whole host of flavor profiles and cuisines.

This rustic main or side dish is popping up on menus everywhere today as chefs look to appease their modern patrons: polenta is gluten free, low calorie and low fat. It has modest amounts of vitamins and minerals, but its true importance stands in its ability to be a worthy substitute for pasta or bread.

Easy, versatile, healthy and delicious — polenta truly doesn’t have a downside!

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Ingredients: Degermed White Corn Grits