Polenta, Coarse Yellow

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Yellow Polenta

Our yellow polenta results from coarsely grinding dried kernels of field corn. It is the primary ingredient needed for the Northern Italian peasant dish of the same name. If the dual terminology is confusing, so is the realization that corn is a grain indigenous to America. It wasn’t introduced to Italy and the rest of Europe until after Christopher Columbus crossed the ocean blue. To add to the muddle, the Italian peasant dish can also be made with other grains than corn, while not all cornmeal made from good old American corn is suitable for polenta (the dish). Many kinds of cornmeal are too fine, resulting in a pasty polenta. Rest assured, Our coarse yelow polenta will cook up into an Italian dish of perfect consistency.

That perfect dish is just the start of Epicurean adventures, however, because polenta has come a long way from its Italian farmhouse origins as a soothing breakfast porridge. It now graces the well-appointed tables of the world’s finest restaurants – as dinner entrée, appetizer, side dish and dessert. It can serve as a delicious substitute for pasta, rice and potato dishes. The cooked porridge can also be shaped and sliced, broiled and grilled, sautéed and baked. Polenta slices can double as breakfast pancakes or dessert crepes. In addition, polenta can serve as a unique base for all sorts of sauces and stews.

Not only will such applications tempt the palate; they’ll also support healthy dietary goals. Gluten-free, polenta is safe for celiac sufferers, while its soothing consistency can calm peptic ulcers and bouts of gastritis. Promising new studies further suggest that the complex carbohydrates in polenta can balance blood sugar levels in type II diabetics.

Mount Hope Wholesale offers coarse yellow polenta in bulk: in 5-pound bags and 25-pound sacks. We also carry white polenta.

Ingredients: Whole Corn