Blue Corn Masa Flour

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Blue Corn Masa Flour

From blue corn chips to blue corn tortillas, blue corn products have risen significantly in popularity over the years. Our bulk Blue Corn Masa Flour is made from finely ground blue corn kernels creating visually appealing and unique food items.

Corn, or maize, is one of the oldest cultivated crops in North America. It is a gluten-free product that is used to make a variety of items from alcohol to cornmeal and flours . Blue corn with its earthy flavor is also known as Hopi Corn. The namesake comes from the Hopi, a Native American tribe most closely associated with the cultivation of blue corn.

Masa is Spanish for dough and masa harina, the flour used to make masa, is created from cooked dried corn kernals also known as hominy. Our Blue Corn Masa Flour has a hint of lime from the nixtamalization process (in which the grain is soaked in limewater after cooking to break down the cell walls, making its nutrients more absorbable). While there is yellow masa, white masa, and blue masa, the blue variation is the most colorful and fun of the three. However, it isn’t as sweet as white or yellow masa.

While we do offer bulk wholesale blue cornmeal as well, it isn’t the same thing as Blue Corn Masa Flour and is used differently in recipes. With Blue Corn Masa Flour you can make many authentic Mexican recipes from homemade corn chips and tortillas to empanadas, tamales, sopes, and gorditas. Use it for a blue cornbread and as breading on fish, meat, or chicken. You can also use it as a thickener in soups and stews. It even makes a hearty ingredient in pies and cakes.

We have 5 lb and 25 lb wholesale options of our bulk Blue Corn Masa Flour.

Ingredients: Corn masa flour, trace of lime