Couscous, Fregola Toasted

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Fregola Couscous

Ever heard of giant couscous? That would be referring to fregola couscous – the largest in the family of Fregola Sarda, a durum wheat pasta from Sardinia.

Made from coarsely ground semolina and water, couscous is often mistaken for pasta, like orzo, and although fregola is prepared in a similar fashion to pasta in that its texture softens while cooking, the biggest difference is in how it’s made. Couscous is crushed, unground semolina of hard wheat bonded by water, whereas, pasta is more finely ground flour and water combined.

The ancient handmade pasta is toasted, creating its nutty flavor. It has a unique, full flavor and texture that produces a longer lasting, fuller feeling. High in protein and very low in sodium and cholesterol, fregola couscous is a great addition to seafood dishes (specifically shellfish), beans, stews and soups. A popular dish containing fregola couscous is clams and/or mussels in tomato sauce; It is also a celebrated choice for stuffing game birds.

Fregola couscous is a staple food in Morocco and North African nations such as Libya and Algeria. Although similar to North African Berkoukes and Israeli couscous, fregola couscous are heftier and deliver a more mouthwatering punch because its texture enables sauces to absorb other flavors exceptionally well. Other names for fregola couscous include succu and Sardinian couscous, because of its origin.

Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina
Allergens: Wheat, Gluten