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Buckwheat Groats

Buckwheat groats have maintained their popularity for eight millennia. Few edibles qualify as comfort food, gourmet treat and healthy fare, all in one package, but the hulled, triangular seeds of Fagopyrum esculentum accomplish that feat. Many fans liken the taste and texture to that of steel cut oats, with groats offering nuttier, earthier and lightly bitter flavors. Roasting intensifies those flavors and also transforms the raw groats into “kasha.”

Fagopyrum esculentum, a pseudocereal (not a true grain source) related to rhubarb, grows in much of the Northern Hemisphere, even though Southeast Asia was the first cultivation site. From there, the domesticated plant spread to Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Factors in buckwheat’s wide geographic spread include its tolerance for poor soil quality, its fast growth rate and its low maintenance requirements. Given its eastern avenue of entry into Europe, buckwheat soon gained popularity in East European kitchens. Kasha is a common filling for knishes and is fried up with noodles to make the Ashkenazi comfort food, “kasha varnishkes.” In Russia, “grechka” is popular breakfast fare, a porridge made of buckwheat groats. Innovative cooks often use the groats as a substitute for polenta (in porridge form or fried up as a side dish) and for rice recipes like pilaf. Toasted in oil with a little salt, the groats also make a tasty and nutritious snack.

Containing all the essential amino acids plus such key minerals as iron, zinc and selenium, buckwheat groats are nutrient-dense. With a low glycemic index, they help balance blood sugar levels. Their high antioxidant content, including the compound rutin, promotes heart health and fights arthritic inflammation. And despite the misleading name, buckwheat groats are gluten-free.

Wholesale buyers interested in bulk purchases may prefer our 25-pound sacks. We also offer buckwheat groats in 2-pound bags.

Ingredients: Buckwheat Kernels