Quinoa, Red – Organic
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Quinoa, Red – Organic

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Organic Red Quinoa

Recognized as a “Super Grain” throughout the world, Organic Red Quinoa is known as one of the few ancient grains that is a complete protein, and is also a good source of essential amino acids, fiber and many of the complex B vitamins. Adding all of these health benefits into your diet is easy with quinoa because of its versatility.

With its rich color, Red Quinoa makes a beautiful base to create any number of interesting side dishes or main courses. Try cooking quinoa in broth instead of water which complements its natural nutty flavor. Top with cooked vegetables and/or meat to infuse more dimensions of flavors, textures and colors into your quinoa dishes. You can also make quinoa salad, adding your favorite chopped fresh vegetables and drizzling with a light dressing.


Ingredients: Organic Red Quinoa